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**New in 4.1!** Working Offline in iAnnotate 4

Last updated on: Jul 22, 2016 02:21PM CDT

Downloading cloud files for offline use

New in iAnnotate 4.1 is the ability to download files from cloud sources and store them in the app for offline use. There is no limit on the number of files you can store offline, except the size of your device. Files that have been downloaded can be opened and annotated without an internet connection.

To download files for offline access, go to your library and place a check mark in the  bubble next to a file name. Tap the ellipsis at the bottom of the library and tap "Download for Offline Access"

Please note: Documents that are opened while offline will need to stay open in a tab until you save the files to an offline source (such as Local Files) or until you regain internet access. Changes will be saved back to the cloud as each document is closed (or saved manually) while connected to the internet.

Also, right now this functionality only works with PDF documents.

To remove files that have been downloaded for offline use, tap on the Settings gear in the library and tap "Remove Offline Files". Please note: At this time, you can only clear all downloaded documents at once, not individual documents.

Opening documents in tabs

Documents that are opened from cloud connections are opened in a tab in the app. Tabs that are opened indicate documents that are stored locally in a temporary cache within the app. Documents that are opened in tabs can be worked on while offline. You can have as many tabs as you need open. Changes made to documents while offline will not be synced back to the cloud until the iPad goes back online.

If you do not make any changes and close a document while offline, you will not be able to reopen that document until you are online again. If changes have been made to a document, an asterisk will indicate that there are unsaved changes and any attempt to close the tab will result in a prompt asking you to save the changes.

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