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The Sound Clip Tool

Last updated on: Jun 15, 2016 11:45AM CDT

With the Sound Clip tool, you can record and attach audio annotations up to one minute in length. These recordings can be useful for leaving feedback on an assignment, practicing a voice over, or recording a reminder.

The annotation ribbon for the Sound Clip tool has two buttons:

  • ​Options: allows you to change the color associated with the audio attachment icon.
  • Cancel/Done: tap the "x" to exit the Sound Clip mode before starting, or the check mark to finish.

The editing ribbon for the Sound Clip tool has five buttons:

  • Note: adds a textual popup note to your sound clip.
  • Options: allows you to modify the color associated with the audio attachment icon.
  • Open In: allows you to email the sound clip or open it into another app on your iPad.
  • Done: tap the check-mark to finish a Sound Clip editing session.

Tips When Using the Sound Clip Tool

You must grant iAnnotate access to your iPad Microphone in order to record sound clips. Open your iPad's Settings app and go to Privacy > Microphone to enable access for iAnnotate PDF.

After selecting a page location, a recording interface appears. Press record or pause to start or halt the recording, respectively. Press the stop button to finish the recording, or "X" to cancel.

Once the audio clip has been added to your document, tap the microphone icon to pop up playback options.

You must be using a compatible application to open and listen to these audio clips outside of iAnnotate. Adobe Acrobat/Reader is the preferred desktop client as Preview does not support sound attachments.

Please note, "Flattened" PDFs do not preserve audio (or photo) attachments so the file must be transferred in its fully editable "Annotated" format.

I can't hear anything on my iPad/iPhone!

Your device is likely muted. Muting your device does allow for movie playback, but still mutes text to speech and other sounds in iAnnotate. You can set the switch on the side of the iPad to either be a mute switch or a rotation lock. Whichever you designate, the other is in the notification center. So if you go to your Settings App -> General -> Use Side Switch to... you can select either mute or rotation lock. Then, the other option will be in far right icon of the middle five in the notification center.

For more information, see this Apple forum thread.

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