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Annotation Tools Overview

Last updated on: Nov 15, 2017 01:38PM CST
Here is a quick overview of our annotation tools. Clicking on links will bring you to a more detailed view of each tool (in a new window).
Icon Tool Name Function
Toolbox Allows you to edit your toolbar - add tools, add toolbars, remove, reorder tools, etc.
Note Pinned note in a call out box over a document.
Pencil/Ink Freehand draw on a document. Can be used as a freehand highlighter on documents without OCR.
Square/Rectangle Draw rectangles.
Circle Draw circles.
Arrow Draw arrows.
Signature/Zoom Ink Zooms into a document for a finer control. Often used for signatures.
Line Draw a straight line.
Underline Underline text on a document. Requires OCR.
Highlight Highlight text on a document. Requires OCR.
Strikeout Strikes out text on a document. Requires OCR.
Typewriter Type text directly on a document in a text box.
Typewriter w/ Today's Date Typewriter tool that automatically inserts current time/date.
Stamp Place a stamp/custom image onto a document. Opens stamp library to select an image.
Stamp With Specific Image Configure this tool to stamp with a specified image with one touch.
Photo Places a pinned photo in a call out box on top of a document.
Sound Clip Places a pinned .wav file attachment in a call out box on top of a document
Bookmark Places a pinned bookmark on a document.
Scroll Lock Prevents the page from moving from side-to-side when scrolling up and down. Also prevents additional zooming (in or out).

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