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Two document view

Last updated on: Jul 19, 2017 04:20PM CDT
New to iAnnotate version 4.3.2 is two document view. This enables you to view two separate documents, side-by-side.


Activating two document view

To activate two document view, tap on a document tab, and select two document view. The document you have open will move to the left side of the screen and your remaining documents will be available on the right side. If you only have one document open, you will be able to navigate the library to find a second document.


Exiting two document view

To exit two document mode, tap on the document tab of either document that is open, and tap exit two document view.



Can I view the same document side-by-side?
Not at this time. We realize that is a feature that many have asked for, but for this initial roll out, it is limited to two different documents. You can however create a copy of a document, and then open that copy in two document view.

Can I change out the document on the left?
You can, but it will require you to exit two document mode and reenter it from the tab of the desired document.

What toolbar will be created on the left?
When you activate two document view, whatever settings you have in your toolbar (including multiple toolbars) will be copied to the left side. Changes made to the right, while in two document view will not be reflected on the left, but changes will be retained when you exit two document view.

Can I switch tabs in two document view?
You can, but only on the right side. The document on the left will remain static.

What devices does two document view work on?
Two document view works on all devices, except iPhone.

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